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The Mother House Studio
Catford Pricing


The Mother House Studios are part of Procreate Project. We are a community interest company offering platforms to support the professional development of artists who are mothers/parents. The Mother House studios do not receive any regular public funding and are today a self-sustainable model, relying on artists’ membership to exist.


We are committed to our provision being fully inclusive and financially accessible to all income levels. Affordability and flexibility in access to studio spaces that feel nurturing of both practices, mothering and art making, are major aspects for the decrease of the presence of women working in the art sector. 


To achieve the growth of this important provision while maintaining affordability we offer part-time studio space and two different prices for each membership scheme. 


The lowest-priced fees are for those who are really struggling to make ends meet, those whose household is on a no or low income. The higher price fee includes a little extra to pay it forward and help someone else access the studios.

Offering these different prices enables us to serve those artists in our community who are currently in need of more financial support and would struggle to use the space otherwise. 


We won’t be requesting any proof of income. We want the process to be respectful of everyone's privacy and level of comfort. When becoming a studio resident it’s important you honestly judge how much you can afford based on your household income and ability to pay, knowing the little extra you pay if in the position to will partially subside another member of the community accessing the studio.

Trial days are £20 / £10 concession

Memberships include access to a desk space with storage and surrounding wall space, all bills, teas and coffees, and the integrated childcare support currently running Wed to Friday. 

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