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The Mother House - Artists studios with Integrated Childcare in Catford is now closed! Visit our Lewisham new site.


Now more than ever, under the current crisis and urgent need for womxn, mothers, and primary carers to re-occupy spaces in the community, we want to offer a radical model that re-imagines the way we organise space and opportunities, the private and the public.

We had to suddenly leave our premises in Catford. Unfortunately before and during this time of displacement we have incurred some costs and losses that are difficult for us to manage so we are reaching out to our community of family, friends and colleagues to support us as we look to secure a new home.

The challenge of finding a new space at short notice were daunting but possible with a collective effort! We are now open at the House on The Hill near Lewisham centre.

Send us an email at to book a visit. 


We are trying to flexibly adapt to the constantly changing and uncertain times by offering different possibilities and levels of commitment, still making sure we stay sustainable to guarantee longevity to the model. 


We will be offering the following memberships: 


  • Shared desk with and without integrated children activities. You can hire the desk with an artist friend/colleague and divide the week as you wish. (Please note arrangements need to be communicated to our team so we can get organised accordingly). Or we can match you with an artist and divide the hire in 2 to 3 week-days each + free access during the weekend for both. (Note integrated childcare is not available during the weekend). A commitment of a minimum of 3 months is required with a month's notice if leaving. 


  • Full-time desk with or without integrated children activities. You can hire a desk for 7 days a week with currently 3 days of integrated childcare. A commitment of a minimum of 3 months is required with a month notice if leaving. 


  • Drop-ins. You can book a daily drop-in up to 24h before. Please note, we will need to confirm availability before attending.

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