The Art Studio Model 




The Mother House was conceived and establishes by the Procreate Project CIC. The model aims to help artists who are mothers,  creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs, providing an inspiring space to allow them to continue working whilst nurturing engaged parenting. The Model facilitates integration and exchange with the Mothers’ art practice, bringing the child's development closer to art. Crucially, children learn about women's roles outside the domestic environment

Motherhouse creates two interconnected spaces:

  • Studio space for professional arts practice in the form of an open art studio. The space is organised in assigned sections that fit the needs of artists working in different mediums and forms.

  • In-houses activities organised specifically for children, guided and supervised by a dedicated team.

  • Bespoke professional support is provided to nurture each artist, including mentoring and networking with industry contacts, platforms for artworks created, promoted by Procreate Project and partners to ensure public reach and profile, opportunities to lead workshops and talks



The Mother House, started the 5th of September 2016 at the IKLECTIK Art Lab. The model provides the freedom to work independently or alongside your children and it encouraged opportunities to work in collaboration with other artists creating a supportive and inspiring network.
The Mother House offerers a collaborative yet intimate space to curate the creative practice whilst ensuring a healthy journey into motherhood, fed in a creative and inclusive way. The model is a creative yet radical solution to a proven lack of viable provision that sufficiently supports the professional development and well-being of emerging artists during pregnancy and motherhood. 

Mother House’s approach was built on observations regarding childcare provision:

  1. Childcare remains under-funded and scarce

  2. Childcare models are invariably based on separating child from mother; mother from care and child from the workplace

  3. Childcare is costly and not suited to families and women with flexible work and/or low incomes

We have recently secured funding and the support of the Mayor of London, among others, to open the first permanent studio space in London. We will then be able to facilitate new openings  producing a Toll Kit for the model's replication, and create a Mother House Hub without borders. 



“Mother House recognises the role space plays in creative work and exchange alongside the complexity of mother artists’ needs. Mother House inspires a wider understanding of artists engaged with their practices as mothers which is especially vital in a cultural epicentre like London where support is recognised as indispensable to artistic production” – Althea Greenan (WAL – Goldsmiths University)*

“Mother House is something that has been screaming to be born ever since the Womenhouse at the CalArts in the ´72!” – Deirdre Donoghue - M/other Voices 




For any enquiry or to arrange a visit please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you