The first and only Artists studio model
with Integrated Childcare


The Mother House Studios is a pioneering model, a creative solution to a proven lack of viable provision that sufficiently supports professional artists during pregnancy and motherhood/parenthood.  


The model is based on integration, offering a working space, a dedicated and open plan laboratory for artists to work, and an interconnected, inspiring space, dedicated to children who have the freedom to move between the two rooms.


The responsibility is shared between childcare facilitators and mothers/parents, all jointly responsible for hands-on care work. The working space is open and a communal kitchen allows time for aggregation and space to find group strategies and inspiration to further maintain a sustainable integration of life and work practices.


The model is affordable and offers a solution that isn’t contingent on compromise, which benefit the wellbeing and mental health of womxn, children, and families; creating prime conditions for the production of works that would not otherwise be created.





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