pilot project 7th - 18th August 2017

The Mother House piloted in the beautiful and arty Stroud between the 7th and the 18th of August at the Nailsworth Town Hall.

We are currently looking for a permanent setting and more information about a new opening will be announced soon. 

For info email us at:  

Project Leaders:

Sharon Bennett, social engage artist

Rebecca Stapleford, combined arts


Leann St. Clair


Participant Artists:

 Viviana Rossi, Kinetic sculptor 

Rosalie Darien Jones, visual artist  

Penny Davis, mixed media 

Cat Boot, theatre maker 

 Aderyn Taylor-Roberts, visual artist and curator 

 Elisabet Prieto, painter 

Eva Karia, psychotherapist 

Louisa Jones, visual artist

Sarah Dixon, visual artist

Michelle Grant, photographer and designer 

Beata Jablonska, visual artist