event launch Jan 19 2018

We are happy to announce that the two new Procreate Project's directors Hannah Connor and Fabienne Perugia are working to pilot the Mother House model in Manchester. 


An introductory event will be held at HOME in Manchester during the festival PUSH on Friday 19th of January 2018.

More information coming soon. 


We will be presenting the model to the community with the aim to engage artists, funders and decision makers in the area. 

If you are interested in knowing more email:  

What is the Mother House studios and how is organised:

The Mother House model is the first artists' studio with integrated childcare where children are welcome into the working space. 

The Mother House idea is born in response to the urge of “making” within the life-changing experience of motherhood, offering a collaborative yet intimate space to curate the artistic practice whilst nurturing engaged parenting. 

The Mother House,started the 5th of September 2016 in London and piloted in Stroud in August 2017. The model provides the freedom to work independently or alongside children and it encouraged opportunities to work in collaboration with other artists creating a supportive and inspiring network.

Motherhouse creates two interconnected spaces:

  • Studio space for professional arts practice in the form of an open art studio. The space is organised in assigned sections that fit the needs of artists working in different mediums and forms.

  • In-houses activities organised specifically for children, guided and supervised by a dedicated team.

  • Procreate Project will supply a range of support services for artists’ members, including mentoring sessions, online promotion 

  • The Mother House members will have access to concessionary tickets prices for events and workshops organised by the Procreate Project.